Top five back to school fashion trends

Fashion forward: Katie Lampe shows off fall fashion trends which include graphic tees and chain necklaces.

By Victoria Neece

Going back to school calls for meeting new friends, experiencing new classes, attending events, and as always, new fashion trends. With fall arriving, fashion trends are coming around just in time for back to school. Fashion trends that are dominating the school year so far are graphic tees, neutral colors, high top sneakers, chain necklaces, grommet belts, floral print, animal print, platform shoes, athleisure, beaded jewelry, and bright colors.

  1. Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are the way to go these days. They can easily create a casual look, or a more dressed up look, depending on what you pair them with.

“I like to wear cute shirts that are also big and comfy. So graphic tees are perfect for me,” Katie Lampe said.

When heading to school, graphic tees are seen worn around the hallways, and even in gym class. Graphic tees are appropriate for every fashion situation. Also, graphic tees offer a great way to showcase your personality. Graphic tees can feature your favorite band, or quote. Due to this, graphic teens can be amazing conversation starters.

2. High Top Sneakers

From starting on the basketball court, to becoming an everyday fashion, high top sneakers have definitely changed purposes over the years. The trend began in the 80s, and they continue to get the same hype today. High tops are easy to style day to day. You can wear them with athleisure or you can easily dress them up.

“I love how they look good with literally everything like dresses, shorts, and pants,” Olivia Koehler said.

This is due to the variety of different styles companies are making. For example, Converse makes a very casual high top look while Nike’s Jordans provide a more athletic look.

3. Chain Necklaces

With endless freedom of how to wear it, chain necklaces are seen as an essential accessory to most people in 2021. Chain necklaces can be found in different colors, lengths, weights, and thicknesses. The different styles that depict each chain is what brings people to love them and make them great for every type of occasion.

“Chains make an outfit look accented, you can look fancy, but not so fancy at the same time,” Avery Franzman said.

From athleisure to formal wear, single and layered chains can be styled with any attire.

4. Athleisure

Athleisure is an ever growing trend that has become more and more popular to this day. The majority of high schoolers like to wear athletic wear as their casual and daily wear. Athleisure is useful in any situation you encounter at school whether it comes to gym class, or math class.

“I like wearing athletic clothes to school because they are more comfortable, and save me time when getting ready for school,” Cata Fernandez said.

From a lazy day to a day that brings you much motivation, athleisure is perfect for any new adventure. It is easy and comfortable to move around in and wear overall.

5. Beaded Jewelry

Beaded Jewelry is a cute and simple way to accessorize your outfits. You can style outfits with different colored beaded necklaces and bracelets. Beaded jewelry is not just super stylish, but also fairly easy to make. Many BHS students make their own beaded jewelry. It's an easy way to be creative, save money, and enjoy some therapeutic time.

“Making beaded jewelry can be difficult because the beads are so tiny, but when you are done it is very rewarding,” Madison Schmidt said.


Victoria Neece, '23, is a junior.

This is her second year as a staff writer

with The Growl and her first as social media manager.


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