The “devious licks” trend comes to BHS

By Victoria Neece

Trends come and go, especially on social media. One trend that has gone viral recently is TikTok’s devious licks. The trend consists of students recording themselves stealing from and vandalizing school restrooms. These posts get millions of likes and views all in hopes of gaining more followers.

For weeks, students have been stealing and vandalizing restrooms, and the school is trying to put their foot down over the vandalism. Principal Robert Boley has made school wide announcements asking for any information about the perpetrators. In addition, the school said that if the acts continue, further consequences would be enforced, including closing restrooms, shortening lunches, and denying off campus privileges.

“There are a few people participating in the trend and it's affecting the entire school, not everyone should get punished,” said senior Parker Miller.

As of right now, no punishment for this act has been put in place that would affect the entire school.

Because of the trend, social media spin offs have been created on other platforms. The Instagram account, Bhsbathrooms, is one that has gained over 100 followers by posting photos of restroom vandalism.

“Originally I wanted a funny BHS account like the bett parking lot one and while I was creating this account I realized that the bathroom is where all the weird stuff happens: from kids hanging out in there to completely wrecking it,” said Bhsbathrooms.

The account encourages students to submit pictures of vandalism in bathrooms around the school. Students who submit pictures gain attention, while the page gains more of a following. Although the account publicizes students’ devious licks, according to the owner, the page was not created to make the situation worse.

“I personally don’t think I am causing the issue to become worse. I’m glad they are starting to shut down some of them; it will hopefully teach the students to not steal and ruin their school,” said Bhsbathrooms.


Victoria Neece is a junior. This is her second year as

a staff writer for The Growl and her first as social media manager.


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