Teacher spotlight: Molly Mitola

By Ariel Adame

Position: Language Arts Teacher

Specialty: Composition and English 10

Professional credentials: Bachelor of Arts in English

Education, University of Iowa

License: Language Arts Grades 5-12

Greatest accomplishment: “Taking care of my younger sister,


Greatest passion: Facilitating learning

Private passion: My family

Nobody knows I’m…. “A huge geek...I love biology and am in a lot of weird niche Facebook groups like ‘Wild Green Memes for Ecological Fiends’ and ‘Entomology.’”

I've never been able to… “Build an interest in math or sports.”

I'd give anything to meet: “Ray Bradbury - he’s my favorite author.”

This year I am most excited about: “Having a successful first year at Bettendorf.”

Favorite quote "Life is trying things to see if they work." - Ray Bradbury


Ariel Adame is a junior. This is her first year

as a staff writer for The Growl.


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