Students welcome homecoming week with flying colors

True colors: Students from each class compete for the title of best dressed.

By S. G. Barnes

After some well deserved rest over Labor Day weekend, students were pumped for the first day of homecoming week.

Homecoming week looks much different than it did last year; 100 percent of students are in attendance each day as opposed to hybrid last year. With more students in the building comes more potential for school spirit.

“I think having everybody back is amazing, especially since it’s my senior year. Homecoming week is a very special week, and I’m glad we can all be back here together,” said senior Ethan Geifman.

Each day has a different theme, with Tuesday’s being class color day. Freshmen wore gold, sophomores wore black, juniors wore white and seniors wore pajamas.

Wednesday’s theme is “Grease vs. Greece,” where students are given the choice between dressing like the 1978 film “Grease” or as a citizen of ancient Greece.

“Black pants, maybe jeans, my mom has this leather jacket she got so I might wear that,” said freshman Luceena Susairaj on her attire for Wednesday, clearly opting for the “Grease” side of things, “If I show school spirit, other people will too.”

Sophomore Corbin O’Grady instead went for the “Greece” theme.

“I was thinking of doing a toga because that would be pretty funny.”

Thursday’s theme is “Welcome to the Jungle,” where students are encouraged to wear jungle or explorer attire. Keeping with tradition, homecoming week culminates on Friday with an all out spirit day.

Homecoming week means many different things to different people, right down to how they interpret the spirit days. Some fixate on spirit days or powder puff football, while others get excited for the dance or drive-in movie.

When asked what he believed homecoming week was all about, O’Grady simply said, “Football game, dance, school spirit, all that.”

Junior Chanelle Maxfield strongly believes in the power of homecoming week to unify students.

“You just see the whole school come together and have a great time,” said Maxfield.

Regardless of how it’s interpreted, homecoming week is a time to get excited and express Bulldog spirit.


S. G. Barnes, class of '23, is a junior. This is his second year

as staff writer for The Growl.


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