Students attend 100 percent in-person classes

Socially distant lunch: Students use the gym during lunch to ensure proper distancing. The additional space was needed as the school welcomed back students for 100 percent in-person learning.

By Victoria Neece

On Tuesday, Feb. 16. Bettendorf High School students returned to 100 percent in-person learning for the first time in eleven months. Since the start of the school year, students have been following a hybrid schedule. With the Iowa government passing a bill recently for the state's schools to return back full time, Bettendorf had to quickly transfer to an everyday attendance schedule.

The day prior to returning, students had their worries about coming back to school.

“I was extremely worried about going back and I definitely still am worried. I don't like the feeling of having to sacrifice my health for my education,” said junior Katie Lampe.

With students having jobs and other activities outside of school it was a worrying feeling to some that school could be another way to get exposed to COVID-19.

With the majority of students returning, the hallways, classrooms, and parking lots were crowded like they were once almost one year ago.

“On my first day back Tuesday, I was expecting the building to be filled with people and little to no social distancing,” sophomore Connor Giesecke said.

Giesecke’s expectations became true. With more students in the building it was harder to make sure everyone was following the precautions put in place due to COVID-19. This included social distancing, and students wearing their masks correctly.

Even though the first day back wasn't picture perfect, students still seemed to enjoy being at school. For many, it was a different, yet exciting feeling seeing some classmates for the first time in almost a year.

“I am looking forward to seeing all of my friends, who were originally in the opposite cohort, everyday now,” Giesecke said.

Catching up with peers was the highlight of some students' day, even though it was difficult at times to recognize the person under their mask.

“I would say that the first day back went pretty well. I think we will get back into the swing of things eventually,” senior Chase Mason said.

With fully returning, students are hoping this is one step closer to making life feel normal once again.

Victoria Neece is a sophomore.

This is her first year as a staff writer with The Growl.


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