Bettendorf weighs in on mask mandates

By S. G. Barnes

On Monday, Sept. 13 a federal court ordered that states cannot ban mask mandates in schools. Hours later several school districts across Iowa reinstated mask mandates, including Davenport, but others, such as Bettendorf, are hesitant.

Bettendorf has explored the possibility of a mask mandate, but it seems that no action will be taken until legal challenges at the state level are settled. The school board voted last week that no action would be taken on masks.

Despite this, Davenport schools adopted a mask mandate that requires masks to be worn indoors at all Davenport public schools with few exceptions. Districts like Des Moines followed this same trend.

Gov. Kim Reynolds has issued a legal challenge to this decision, which is unlikely to pass. Nevertheless, many area schools are contemplating whether or not to adopt mask mandates because of the legal challenges that are sure to follow.

As for students, there are several mixed opinions. Even without a mask mandate, some students have donned masks due to the approaching flu season.

“I wear mine just because I don’t want to get sick,” said Morgan Brokaw, “but people are free to do whatever they want.”

Other students feel less pressure to wear masks but do not object to wearing them outright.

“I only really wear one when I like actually need to,” said Loukia Constantinides.

Many students don’t feel the need to wear masks at all.

“People can wear masks if they want to, but that won’t make me,” said Cooper Wood

This sentiment seems to be common, for according to a poll taken earlier this week, 82% of students do not consistently wear a mask at school.

Regardless of personal opinion, others still believe that this issue goes beyond masks.

“I just think this whole thing has been politicized,” said a student who wished to remain anonymous. “It’s like you’re taking a certain side if you choose to wear a mask.”


S. G. Barnes is a junior.

This is his second year as a staff writer for The Growl.


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