Student Council takes on 2020

Student Council strives to make every students’ high school experience the best it can possibly be. In 2020, these efforts look different than they have in the past.

“To help the student council, the student body can have an open mind about new events and attend as many as they can. High attendance is going to be hard to get because life is so different, events are changing so much,” Kaitlynn Flick said.

Student council faces many challenges every year; however, this year is different from the others. Planning the events is even different than in the past, making it harder for student council to keep things as normal as possible.

“This year we obviously have some changes such as having to have our annual lock-in mostly outside and with social distancing and masks. We also cannot meet in our normal room as there is not enough room for social distancing, and [we] cannot meet on our normal days as only one cohort will have been there,” Aidan Goerdt said.

Student council works its hardest to please not only all of the student body, but also administration and staff members at BHS.

“We’re really just trying to host events that everyone can participate in,” Goerdt said.

There are many difficulties being on student council, and this year there are a great deal of issues to think about. In 2020, with a global pandemic, it is more challenging than a typical year. Student council has to work through an even bigger obstacle.

“It is difficult to not get stressed about the little things while we plan events and having an open mind about the changes occurring,” Flick said.

With that in mind, there are many ways the student body can also help the student council, like keeping a positive mindset.

“We really are focused in council about having positive attitudes and being passionate about the events we can have,” Rheanna DeCrow said.

Student Council is trying its hardest to make this year the best it can be for everyone at BHS. Keeping a positive attitude is important while everyone navigates through a difficult time.

“This year we are making sure to have events that are easy for students to either participate in on their own or just in general. Our main goal is to simply provide fun and engaging activities to keep the student body’s spirits up for the duration of this year,” Goerdt said.


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