Freshmen have fresh-take on high school experience

The newest additions to the school have faced many changes over the past few months. The largest one for most is starting over at a new school. Many are already noticing the differences between middle and high school.

“In high school, students are more mature, and there are more opportunities. Also, classes actually start counting for college,” said Karli Sowards.

“In high school, we are allowed to have our phones out during lunch. In middle school we would have specific days where we could have our phones,” said Myriam Mendez.

The difference between high school students and middle school students is substantial including maturity and responsibility. Another change is the building layout.

“Going up and down all the staircases is really different. In middle school we were used to walking on one floor but now we walk on three,” said Cameran Cleveland.

Freshmen are also starting school amidst a pandemic. Some are starting high school all online and while others are on campus.

“My favorite part of school is being able to be home while doing work because I sometimes get anxiety when being at school so it's nice to take a break, but I am looking forward to when the pandemic is over so that I can see my friends at school,” said Sam Norton.

Students in school are required to wear masks for the duration of their time on campus; while this is a necessary precaution it can be cumbersome to wear a mask for up to seven hours straight.

“I’m happy because I get to see my friends again, but I don't like wearing a mask because it’s hard to breathe in,” said Asher Wade.

“I don't like having to wear masks, but I do like the class sizes. For the freshmen, it’s really helpful when there aren’t as many people around,” said Sowards.

Freshmen are remaining positive despite the circumstances.


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