Bett switches to Canvas online learning platform

Khamari Russell starts his day by going to his Drawing I class on the Canvas online learning platform.

The Bettendorf School District has adopted a new learning platform this school year to replace Google Classroom. Canvas is being used so that hybrid learners and 100 percent online learners have easier access to their assignments from home.

Adjusting to the learning system will take time and patience as the new platform has presented some challenges in its layout and operating system.

“The only problem I have with the Canvas website is that I can not view the assignment and the resources that were given to me for the assignment at the same time,” Elijah Solis said.

This adjustment has been challenging for many students, but learning how to work this new learning platform may not be so bad.

“One problem I have with it is that on some of my assignments, I can’t really turn in a document unless it was created by the teacher. I think once everyone gets the hang of Canvas, it will be really beneficial for online learning,” Ysenia Troche said.

Google Classroom shows assignments that are due at the top of the stream page. For some, the accessibility of submitting assignments makes this platform easier to navigate through. Even though Canvas differs from Google Classroom in several ways, learning the platform can pay off later.

“Even though Canvas is new and can be a little frustrating as you get used to it, having the opportunity to learn Canvas right now in high school is such a benefit,” German teacher Frau Law said. Law takes online classes from universities and they all use the Canvas learning platform.

The pandemic has changed BHS in a number of ways, and teachers want to help students as best they can even though they too are adjusting to the new platform.

“My first day of class I made a mistake, I had published an assignment, but not the module, so students couldn’t see or access the work. I figured out that I had forgotten to publish the module during 1st block. Once I did that, everything went great,” Law said.

Law is familiar with Schoology and Google Classroom. Law said that it’s just a matter of figuring out which platform suits the Bettendorf School District.


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