Students and staff return to numerous changes

With current world events, the issue of returning to school was a complicated decision for everyone involved. The school board had to decide whether to return to school or not, administrators had to figure out ways to keep everyone safe, and students and teachers alike had to decide if they would return to school or stay home.

Families were given the choice of returning to school in a cohort and attending in-person school two or three times a week or going to school completely online.

“Online learning is great in the sense that I can do my homework in a time that fits my schedule at home. I can talk, spend time with my family and still have time for homework,” said Christine Dexter.

“I enjoy learning in person, I think it is easier to learn new material and easier to get help,” said Lilly Pierson.

Teachers had training days where they learned about the new procedures put in place. The school nurses led the staff through new safety precautions.

“We had inservices and we had a little slideshow that the state had given us to present. We also made a video for the different ages of kids about how to wear a mask and how to eat and drink with a mask,” said Roxanne Saldivar, the school nurse.

In addition to the return to learn plan, administrators, teachers, and students learned how to use a new online learning platform called Canvas.

“I really like how it's similar to campus with its format but I can also see my assignments and do them right on the platform,” said Alex Baker.

Staying focused at home can be a challenge especially when all students spend at least half of their school days at home.

“To keep me focused, I listen to relaxing music while working,” said Dalton Dang.

“To help me stay focused during online days, I put my phone away or turn it on ‘do not disturb,’” said Pierson.

Though these are challenging times, both students and staff alike are taking it one day at a time as they enter the new 2020-2021 school year.


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