Quarantine TV show recommendations

During quarantine, one can become bored and will start looking for a new show to watch. Here are five Netflix show recommendations:

  1. Atypical

Seasons: three - final season coming soon

Episode length: 30-35 minutes

Sam, a teenage boy with autism, decides to become more independent as his high school career comes to a close. As Sam navigates social challenges like getting a girlfriend and going to college, drama ensues with his family, his therapist, and eventually his best friend.

2. The Politician

Seasons: one - season two coming soon

Episode length: 40-50 minutes

An ambitious high school senior, Payton Hobart, runs for student body president against his worst enemy, Astrid, as his first step in his goal of becoming President of the United States. Along the way, he goes through trials and tribulations, dealing with family and friend drama, the death of a friend, and a shocking secret from his running mate. Obsessed with the political atmosphere and his public image, Payton is willing to sacrifice everything and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

*Trigger warning: mental health issues

3. Grace and Frankie

Seasons: six

Episode length: 30 minutes

After finding out their husbands are gay and have a relationship with each other, Grace and Frankie, who are polar opposites, move in with each other. Tensions between family members and clashing lifestyles rise as Grace and Frankie learn how to live with one another.

4. James Acaster: Repertoire

Seasons: one

Episode length: one hour

This four part stand up comedy show by James Acaster goes through four stages: Recognize, Represent, Reset, and Recap. In this rewatchable comedy collection, James discusses topics ranging from loopholes, jury duty, a honey business, bread research, and a street gang he joins as an undercover cop.

5. Trinkets

Seasons: one - final season coming soon

Episode length: 20-30 minutes

After moving to a new school following her mom’s death, Elodie regresses back into her shoplifting addiction, gets caught, and is brought into a shoplifting anonymous program. In the program, Elodie runs into two of her peers from her new school, and the three become an unlikely group of friends. Together, the friends go through ups and downs with relationships, secrets, and more shoplifting.


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