Keeping a not-so-clean room

Room cleanliness is something that varies between people. Some may keep their rooms tidy all the time, where others may only clean their rooms once a year.

“I clean my room once every two to three months,” Aidan Goerdt said.

Others, like Jalyn Thorsen, clean their rooms more often.

“I clean my room every other day,” Thorsen said.

Depending on how often someone tidies up they may be cleaning for longer than other people.

“I don’t clean my room very often, but when I do it takes me about a day,” Anna Walraven said.

There are many different reasons people clean their rooms, varying from feeling more productive to not wanting to live in the mess.

“The only reason I clean my room is because my mom makes me,” Alex Creighton said.

Dishes are common things to have to pick up while cleaning.

“Including cups, there are most likely five to eight dishes in my room each week for an average of 1.3 days at a time,” Goerdt said.

Listening to music is an easy way to make cleaning feel like less of a chore.

“I always listen to music. Normally I put on a random record because I can take breaks from cleaning to flip the record or choose a new one,” Havyn Fish said.

Keeping laundry in check affects how clean a room actually looks.

“I normally do my laundry whenever it looks like a mountain,” Aneesia Norman said.


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