A creative way to pass the time

During this extended break, Ahriyana Creighton came up with a clever game for her and some of her friends. She calls it “THE GAME.” It consists of a series of challenges that the players complete for potential points. At the end of the game, the person with the most points wins five dollars gifted by Creighton.

“I created the game because I was really bored. I figured that there were a lot of other people that were also bored, so I wanted to make a way for all of us to stay connected and also keep us busy,” Creighton said.

While in isolation, many students have struggled with mental health and have felt depressed.

“Staying inside and not being with people for long amounts of time can make people feel really low, so I wanted to keep people from being down,” Creighton said.

Getting involved with friends in some manner has really boosted morale for a lot of students.

“I think everyone felt really alone and isolated and ‘THE GAME’ really helped because I felt connected with everyone I would normally see every day, but couldn’t. It was also really fun to see everyone being creative and enjoying themselves despite the situation,” Kamber Schmidt said.

At its most popular point, “THE GAME” included over 30 participants and it spanned the course of a little over three weeks. Chase Mason was the final champion.

“I decided to join ‘THE GAME’ because I needed something to do during quarantine. There were a lot of different tasks for us to do. They ranged from making a fort to making old vines with your family, which was my favorite one, I thought it was funny,” Mason said.

“My favorite challenge was the one where you danced to your favorite song for thirty seconds because I had the time of my life,” Skillett said

“THE GAME” forced people to show their creativity.

“I enjoyed the creativity people showed throughout the challenges and seeing everyone’s ideas and how they interpreted the prompt,” Aiden Doe said.

Winning “THE GAME” was something many players wanted, but the competition was high at some points.

“I was pretty happy that I won. It was very competitive at first,” Mason said.

Katelyn Skillett takes a mirror selfie in a crazy outfit for one of the challenges


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