How to make whipped coffee

Going through coffee withdrawal while in quarantine can be hard. Making whipped coffee is a good alternative when you are stuck in the house and don’t have a coffee maker.


2 tablespoons of instant coffee (only instant will work)

2 tablespoons of sugar

2 tablespoons of hot water

1 cup of hot or cold milk

Flavorings of your choice (such as caramel, vanilla, cocoa powder, etc.)


Pour the coffee, sugar, and hot water into a bowl and begin mixing with a whisk or electric mixer for about five minutes. Keep mixing until stiff peaks begin to form.

In a cup, pour the milk until the cup is mostly full. If you want hot coffee, heat up the milk, if you want iced coffee, pour cold milk over ice. Then, add your flavoring of choice.

Scoop the whipped coffee mixture into the cup on top of the milk, and mix the two together with a straw or spoon.


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