101 things to do during quarantine

Coming up with things to do during quarantine is hard, especially when you feel unmotivated. If you’re unsure of what to do from this list, use a random number generator from 1-101 and do whatever number the generator gives you!

Here are 101 things to do while under quarantine:

  1. FaceTime with friends

  2. Livestream on Instagram

  3. Make a TikTok video

  4. Practice your stand up comedy routine

  5. Learn a new language

  6. Go for a drive

  7. Start a moss garden using things from your backyard

  8. Go for a walk

  9. Go for a bike ride

  10. Develop a workout routine

  11. Follow a workout routine

  12. Play a video game

  13. Become really good at a video game

  14. Consider becoming an esports gamer

  15. Research colleges or future jobs

  16. Paint a wall (with permission)

  17. Paint something

  18. Draw something

  19. Learn how to draw a human proportionally

  20. Practice a new medium of art

  21. Learn how to sew (or practice sewing!)

  22. Learn how to bake (or practice baking!)

  23. Cook a new dish

  24. Have a photoshoot with yourself

  25. Make new outfits and pretend to walk a runway

  26. Read a good book

  27. Read a bad book

  28. Write a sad book

  29. Write a horror book

  30. Write any genre book

  31. Watch a movie

  32. Make a short film

  33. Take a bath or shower

  34. Go viral on TikTok, Twitter, or Instagram

  35. Practice your lightsaber skills

  36. Watch a newTV show

  37. Do a puzzle

  38. Make a puzzle

  39. Learn how to skateboard

  40. Learn a new skateboarding trick

  41. Teach your dog or cat a new trick

  42. Teach your hamster or fish a new trick

  43. Figure out how to communicate with animals

  44. Invent the first time traveling machine

  45. Play a board game with your family

  46. Play an online board game with your friends

  47. Work on school assignments or study

  48. Play a Snapchat game with your friends

  49. Play around with the filters on Snapchat

  50. Watch a YouTube video

  51. Watch a Twitch livestream

  52. Pretend to film a Get Ready With Me

  53. Pretend to be a YouTuber

  54. Become a YouTuber?

  55. Or become a Twitch streamer, if that’s more your speed

  56. Build a house of cards

  57. Knock down a house of cards

  58. Learn to juggle

  59. Become a professional juggler

  60. Memorize Pi

  61. Nail impressions of the Presidents

  62. Learn how to dance

  63. Learn a new dance

  64. Begin yoga

  65. Measure every single piece of furniture in your house, and let me know the answers.

  66. Paint your nails

  67. Make a pinata

  68. Destroy the pinata

  69. Practice the ways of the sword

  70. Write a letter to a friend (and mail it!)

  71. Create a new genre of music

  72. Write song lyrics or poetry

  73. Make an artistic piece out of Post-It notes

  74. Learn and identify different species of birds

  75. Try to catch a squirrel (be careful of rabies!)

  76. Organize the apps on your phone

  77. Open the curtains in your room

  78. Clean your room

  79. DIY something

  80. Follow a bad “life hacks” video

  81. Make a fort

  82. Defend your fort

  83. Explore somewhere on Google Earth

  84. Watch a classic sports game

  85. The San Diego Zoo is showing live feeds of their animals

  86. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is also showing live feeds

  87. Learn calculus

  88. Google’s Arts and Cultures website offers tours of free museums

  89. Start a journal

  90. Practice an instrument

  91. Watch Oscar-winning films

  92. Listen to a quarantine music playlist (either your own or someone else’s!)

  93. Color in a coloring book

  94. Make a list of things you want to accomplish in the future (then determine how you will accomplish them!)

  95. Learn the rules to card games while you practice shuffling cards!

  96. Watch a really long movie series (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, etc.)

  97. Learn origami and leave paper cranes around your house

  98. Speak only in Old English for a day

  99. Learn how to beatbox

  100. Listen to an Audio book

  101. Catch up on sleep


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