The next bachelorette has been announced and bachelor nation is shocked

The new bachelorette was announced on March 2, 2020, on “Good Morning America.” Clare Crawley will be the lead in the show’s 16th season.

Previously, Crawley was on Juan Pablo’s season of “The Bachelor” (or season 18), two seasons of “Bachelor in Paradise” and “Bachelor Winter Games,” where she got engaged.

Clare Crawley is a 38-year-old hairstylist from Sacramento, California.

Her age has raised many questions in “Bachelor” nation. The show is well known for its catty drama, and fans are worried that a group of older contestants will not be able to produce the same caliber of excitement that younger contestants do. Though it will be nice, to some degree, to have a break from the whiny 20-year-olds who normally appear on the show, a more mature bachelorette may prove to be a blessing.

Although some fans are more upset that Crawley is going to be the new bachelorette and not another, older previous contestant. Many believe that she does not deserve another chance at finding love since she has already had four (the other bachelor-related seasons that she has appeared on.) There were many other contestants that I personally found funnier and more deserving of a second chance rather than her. I do believe everyone should have a chance to find love, but once those chances get into the fourth and fifth area, it might just be a “you problem.”

Regardless, I think this upcoming season of the “Bachelorette” will be full of surprises.


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