Riverdale gets renewed and fans are wondering why

“Riverdale” debuted back in 2017. Since then, the show has had four seasons; some were more successful than others, which have led them to this year.

It has been announced recently that the show will be getting yet another season. But Riverdale fans have been wondering why. At this point, Riverdale has exhausted all of its plots, going from surprise relatives, teens running a speakeasy, and even an organ selling cult. What more could this show have to offer? Especially since Jughead, a fan-favorite character from the show, has been hinted to die all season.

The first two seasons of Riverdale were actually pretty great, but from there the content of the show has gone downhill.

Season three was based entirely on two things: a demonic board game that was causing teens to kill themselves in “holy” rituals, and a cult, entitled the Farm, that convinces young teens to let them “take their pain away,” which is really a ploy to harvest their organs.

Season four so far has jumped around between the four main characters: Jughead, Betty, Archie, and Veronica. Archie runs a boxing gym at 17, “super realistic” life expectations. Veronica discovers she has a surprise half-sister, has been officially “diagnosed” with daddy issues, and began running a speakeasy, rum business, and a diner.

Betty also discovers a secret sibling who was actually pronounced dead in the previous season, who is an FBI agent. Lastly, Jughead has switched schools, for the third time in the series, and joined a secret club that requires him to confess his darkest secrets (which will most likely not end well.)

Riverdale has also had its fair share of musical episodes which are most certainly laughable.

In season three, the cast takes on the musical “Carrie” amid the threats of a murder. During the musical, there are several threats made to the cast members' lives, specifically a character named Cheryl who bagged the lead as Carrie. Being the smart bunch of meddling teens, the director (who is also a high school student) decides that “the show must go on” and basically fires Cheryl.

On show night, the new Carrie actually gets murdered on stage, which could have been predicted by a three year old, and the cast freaks out as though this hasn’t been happening all season.

Thankfully, after this episode, the Riverdale writers decided that one musical episode wasn’t enough, so in season four the cast puts on a production of Heathers.

This show is almost worse than Carrie. Instead of using the music in the rehearsal setting, they pull a High School Musical and begin singing in the halls with some exaggerated sound effects.

Thankfully, no teens die this time around and the show goes well until the end, where after the finale the Farm members stand up in the crowd and slow clap, and they end the episode with just that. Great writing.

Veronica has a criminal father that meddles in Riverdale’s affairs. This plot idea was fun for one season, but this plotline has been dragged through three seasons of Riverdale.

It has gotten to the point where the writers have begun to recycle the same plot points. Hiram, her father, buys something in Riverdale or blocks Veronica from going against him and this is repeated for three seasons.

Sometimes they throw in a curveball and Veronica goes back to her toxic father to beg for something, probably for money. At one point, Veronica ends up getting her father arrested and thrown in jail.

Riverdale fans assumed that meant Riverdale was finally getting rid of Hiram as a plot device, well, turns out Hiram owns the jail and gets out scotch free after almost three episodes.

These are only a few of the reasons why the show should end. Though, it's safe to say that Riverdale fans are slowly losing interest, it’s better to end the show on a high note now rather than get cancelled later.


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