Staff Spotlight

Despite being new to Bettendorf High School, Carrie Heiting might be familiar to many students. Having taught at Bettendorf Middle School prior, her combined experience at both the middle school and high school makes 15 years of teaching.

“Teaching was my first job outside of college,” Heiting said.

Heiting started at Bettendorf Middle School, teaching German to seventh and eighth graders.

“I taught at the middle school for 14 years. Middle school students are fun, interesting, and always full of energy,” Heiting said.

While she enjoyed teaching middle school, she notes there are obvious changes between teaching there and the high school.

“I've noticed that students are more responsible at the high school. They take the class more seriously and like the challenge,” Heiting said.

Not only with the students, but Heiting is experiencing a change in the classes she teaches.

“I'm really enjoying a change in what I teach. I taught exploratory German and Level 1, now I am teaching Levels 1 and 2, and will teach Level 3 German in the spring,” Heiting said.

PRIDE is also a new experience for Heiting.