The Best Cheap Valentine’s Day Gift

Every year on Valentine’s Day, Americans spend $18.4 billion dollars on gifts. This year, the average American will spend $196.31, but is it really necessary to spend that much?

Here are some cheap gift ideas that students have provided for us. Four female students, one from each grade, were interviewed.

“Going to the dollar store and getting a bunch of items of the same color and putting them in a box is a pretty cute idea. A sweet note or a scavenger hunt is also sweet,” the freshman said.

“Do something nice with them, don’t get them anything. Money doesn’t buy happiness,” the sophomore said.

“I'd be down with just going on a drive and listening to some music, and then watching the sunset,” the junior said.

“The cheapest way to not have to buy a gift is staying single. But if all else fails, candy, flowers, a card or a teddy bear will do,” the senior said.


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