Nick Jennings: early grad

Nicholas Jennings, class of 2021, is graduating with the 2020 class. Bettendorf High School has many seniors that graduate from high school early. Students are given four opportunities to graduate early, including after junior year, first quarter of senior year, or third quarter of senior year.

Graduating early requires preparation throughout high school. Jennings, however, has planned since middle school.

“I have been looking forward to it since late eighth grade year,” Jennings said.

Some students who graduate early do not involve themselves in extracurricular activities, yet Jennings, however, is involved in both sports and SIYAC, a department of human rights group who helps legislatures.

“I have been in cross country and track; I won't be doing track this year, but I may do tennis,” Jennings said.

Graduating early gives students opportunities to go to college earlier, get a full time job, and have other opportunities that students in high school may not have.

“If you want to create more opportunities earlier in life, graduate early, going into college earlier will help people mature faster,” said Jennings.

Although Jennings is excited for his future at Iowa State and a later medical or law school, he will be missing a big part of high school, senior year.

“I’m gonna miss senior year and everyone here; there are a lot of people here I won’t see in the next few years. I'll be on my own path, though,” said Jennings.

Jennings is graduating after junior year.


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