Musical needs help

This year’s spring musical, “Shrek,” needs more student help in set construction, makeup, hair, and backstage crew.

“Everyone in the school should try drama at least once because you never know, it might change your life,” said Maker Cervantes, a former pit member and current cast member.

“You will find friends you didn’t know you would ever have, as well as a family you’ll keep forever,” said Veronika Larson, a former cast member and current stage and hair manager.

Set construction occurs every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays the scene shop is open from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.. On Saturdays, the shop opens at 9 a.m. and closes about 3 p.m., depending on where the participants are in a project. The full Google calendar is located on the Bettendorf Drama website under Current Production.

“If you’re in theatre, you should participate in everything you can like set construction,” said Cervantes.

Students bring the stage to life by building sets, painting, and hanging backdrops.

“It feels like you're just hanging out with friends, and it doesn't feel like you're doing something at school,” senior Molly Edwards said.

According to students, only about five to eight people come to set construction each week.

“We always need more help,” sophomore Nick Theuerkauf said.

Those in set construction will learn how to use tools, how to measure and cut wood, and how to properly build structures.

“I would very much encourage others to join set because it's a good way to get out and learn some handy skills,” senior Kaitlyn Walter said.

Students participating in set construction say that they have made long-lasting friends from being involved.

“It made me feel like part of a community,” Edwards said.

Set construction will continue until the musical performances in the beginning of April.

The actors began rehearsing on Jan. 6 and the pit started rehearsing on Jan. 22. Announcements will be made shortly for the beginning of crew.

Based on the roles students receive, they may have to be at more or fewer rehearsals in the beginning because different roles in the show are needed for each day’s rehearsal. During the sixth or seventh week, rehearsals for everyone begin, and from then on out, everyone must be in attendance.

“Everyone is super nice,” said Lexi Kyser, a member of the makeup department.

“Musical is very flexible in the sense that it happens every day and also, Laurel and Nika are good about communicating when things go on. Everything that we do in rehearsal can be found online. Even if you can’t make it to rehearsal every single day, you can split time with things or you can practice on your own time,” said Mitch Winterlin.

Cayleb Hodson works on set construction after school.


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