Ranking Buds: Vine

Just like how new slang is introduced every generation, Vines can be considered the language of Generation Z. However, instead of being the “bee’s knees,” these vines are just like receiving an avocado at Christmas (“it’s an avocado, thanks…”).

A team of specialists from publications, plus our very own Officer D, ranked some of the best Vines of the decade from perceived worst to best.

#10 "My name's Trey"

#9 "Kansas vs Ar-Kansas"

#8 "Welcome to Chili's"

#7 "And they were roommates"

#6 "Hurricane Tortilla"

#5 "I could have dropped my croissant!"

#4 "Two bros chillin' in a hot tub"

#3 "Say Colorado!"

#2 "Shawty I don't MIND"

#1 "Road work ahead"

A tough decision, "Road work ahead" came out on top as the Pubteam's favorite Vine of the decade.

*Disclaimer* The Bettgrowl does not endorse the ads following the videos.


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