Show choir begins season

January 7, 2020

The show choir season premiered for Audio Intensity and Surround Sound on Saturday, Jan 4. 


Iowa High School Show Choir is a coed extracurricular activity that competes against other Iowa high schools. Each show consists of four dances and five songs.


“I’m part of the varsity group, Surround Sound, and our show theme this year is that we are attempting to break that stigma that Bettendorf isn’t good,” senior Nika Larson said.


Surround Sound’s show consists of the songs; “Black and White/Feel Good,” “About To Get Crazy,” “Roar,” “Where Am I Now” and “Shake It.”


 Audio Intensity’s songs are “Go,” “Move/ Keep Walking, Roads,” “The Fighter/ Titanium.”


“I would say our theme is getting through hardships,” junior Katie Norris said.


This year, both groups have worked hard to improve the focus, positive mindsets and confidence to enhance the feeling of a family.


“I believe if we work hard and show our confidence on stage, we have every chance to succeed,” Norris said.


The first competition is Jan. 18 in Muscatine.


 Eva Rasmer in her final pose after "Roar."


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