Staff Spotlight

Amanda Bohnert, a new addition to the science department, is teaching both environmental science and earth and space classes this year. Having taught for five years, she started her career teaching anatomy and biology at a high school outside of Louisville, Kentucky. Bohnert first taught at the middle school teaching sixth grade science and then transitioned to the high school.

Before teaching, Bohnert worked in a stem cell research lab. She realized that she enjoyed teaching new employees and remembered how much she liked instructing college classes during her master’s program.

Bohnert said, “I have always really enjoyed science and sharing science with others so teaching felt like a great fit.”

She moved to Bettendorf with her husband after he got a job at St. Ambrose.

Bohnert first taught at the middle school at the sixth grade level, but she missed teaching high school level students.

She said, “When a job opened up at the high school, I was excited to get a chance to teach here.”

Bohnert is excited to learn more about space and teach these concepts to students. She is also enthusiastic about working with the science club and Science Bowl/Science Olympiad. Having access to the planetarium is another thing she is pleased about.

Bohnert said, “ I am really excited to go to basketball games this winter and look forward to soccer season. My husband coaches soccer for North Scott, and I enjoy a good house rivalry.”


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