PDA: It is really not okay

If you have ever been to E-bay before school, in between classes, after school, or during class, you have inevitably run into a certain group of people: the PDA couples.

“I saw this couple making out, and it was gross. Leave that at your house. It does not need to happen here,” Haylie Spencer said.

Some students and staff even mentioned the fact that other couples, ones that have been together for a long time, have never shown PDA beyond holding hands.

“It’s so unnecessary. There are so many couples that have been dating for five plus years, and you don’t see them making out in the hallways or grabbing each other,” Spencer said.

Students even mentioned that holding hands does not bother them, even though it is considered PDA.

“I don’t mind holding hands, but there shouldn’t be anymore skin on skin contact,” Jack Cannon said.

“I think holding hands is okay, as long as you’re not caressing someone in the hallway,” Mitch Winterlin said.

Students see these couples every morning, and for several students, it ruins their day.

“It’s really disgusting. I would appreciate it if I didn’t see that every morning,” Cannon said.

“Do you know how uncomfortable it is to walk up stairs and see someone making out? Because that’s every morning for me,” Simon Tracy said.

Some students cannot even reach their lockers because of the couples.

“My friend Jaylon can’t even go to his locker because of them,” Madison Wells said.

“I get pushed out of E-bay, where my locker is, because they just start swarming,” Madison Hughes said.

It is not just limited to couples, though, sometimes it will be a whole group of people.

“They continuously grab and grope each other. I once saw them grab each other by the necks and slap each other on the butt as a game,” Elena Sierra said.

“It’s not a good environment to be in,” Eric Eastland said.

Almost every student agrees that PDA should be shown in private, and that they do not want to see students making out in the hallway.

“I really feel that PDA is not okay. You should have the opportunity to find love, but please don’t physically show that,” Winterlin said. “I think you have a private life, and it should be private.”

“It just makes me uncomfortable, and I feel like they should do that on their own time,” Brooke McGee said.

“Everytime I see a PDA couple, my faith in humanity drops a little bit,” Brook Arnold said.

“One time I saw two freshmen making out in the language arts hall, and I couldn’t eat lunch that day. I’ve seen it multiple times from the same couple, and it’s really bad. Really not good. Really makes my day the worst,” Shannon Evans said.


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