Athlete Spotlight: Nate Wilkins

Nate Wilkins, a true example of Bettendorf PRIDE, has been involved in drumline for all four years of high school. He has been a part of school percussion since fifth grade.

Wilkins decided to play snare drum because it meant “not having to carry the heavier bass drum or tenor drum.” He also feels he can tap into more potential with a snare drum. His favorite rhythm to play is a triplet.

Throughout high school, Wilkins' favorite memories have been parading the halls during Homecoming week and parading the stands throughout the football season.

Wilkins has been inspired by multiple drummers, including Joey Jordison from Slipknot, Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters and Nirvana. Inspiration for Wilkins also comes from outside the music community, manifesting itself in Lebron James.

“I like his tweets sometimes,” Wilkins said. “He knows who I am.”

Over his long time participating in school music, Michael Dynes, Chris Saito and Sean McGinn have shaped him the most.