Bett vs Cedar Falls game delayed by rain

The Cedar Falls vs Bettendorf game had to be delayed due to lightning strikes and pouring rain. Everyone in the bleachers was forced to move inside the gym to stay safe.

To keep everyone entertained, music like “Sweet Caroline” and “Party Rock Anthem” were played. Students from both student sections moved quickly to form a dance circle, even having a few dance offs.

“Basically, it’s pre-homecoming. It’s practice,” Justin Hettlage said.

Cafeteria tables were brought out to provide somewhere to sit for students, parents, and faculty members alike.

“It was really cool to see the two student sections come together even though we were in the middle of a game. It was upsetting the game was postponed, but at least we figured out how to have a good time,” said Jess Mouw.

Bettendorf and Cedar Falls socializing in the gym during the rain delay.


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