Bettendorf recognizes Good Deed Day

As a way to bring some goodness to the devastating event that is 9/11, Good Deeds Day became a nationally recognized holiday that is celebrated by both staff and students at Bettendorf High School.

In honor of 9/11 and Good Deeds Day, Katherine Hansen baked roughly 120 pumpkin cookies for her various biology classes and advisory. Hansen annually brings her cookies on the Friday of the Morton, Illinois Pumpkin Festival weekend; however, she brought them on Wednesday, Sept. 11, as her good deed act.

"I usually bake them on Thursday night to bring them in on Friday, but decided to bake them Tuesday night to have them ready [for students] on Wednesday. This year is also significant because it's the first year that a generation wasn’t alive for it,” Hansen said.

Due to coincidence, the Honor Flight concert for veterans landed on the same day as 9/11. Bettendorf’s Concert Choir sang patriotic songs such as “America, the Beautiful” and “The Star Spangled Banner.”

“This was such an amazing experience. It is one of my favorite concerts of the year,” Concert Choir member Hannah Wilson said.


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