The CinEmma: The Hustle

“The Hustle” is a classic dumb-comedy, enjoyable and drawing out the laughs without being particularly thought-provoking, earning it an 8.6/10.

Featuring Rebel Wilson as Penny Rust and Anne Hathaway as Josephine Chesterfield, the movie follows the two women as they cross paths and team-up. Both are con artists that specialize in swindling men out of their wits.

Penny sees an ad and decides to take a trip to try her ploys on the wealthy men of the south of France, unknowingly trodding on the turf of Josephine, who agrees to take Penny under her wing. What ensues is a hilarious hodge-podge of men being scammed.

While Josephine’s accent is a bit over-the-top, the movie is funny and worth the 95-minute run time. However, it might not be worth roughly $8 on a ticket, so wait until the movie leaves theaters and rent it for a few bucks less.

Maggie Dixon, who gave the movie an 8.5/10, said, “I enjoyed it. Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson are a good comedic duo. I also enjoyed the female-empowerment aspect of the two women conning the men. The plot twist at the end was also super unexpected.”

Ty Callahan, who has not seen the movie himself, recommends seeing the movie every day, so that “every day you’re Hustlin’.”

Ashley Berkenbosch and Emma Doyle were the only people in the theater.


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