Two publications members ordained

As of May 2, 2019, and, two publications members, myself (Emma Doyle) and Rebecca Davis, are ordained ministers and can perform marriage ceremonies.

Starting out as a joke from Rebecca Davis about my getting ordained to get someone to marry her as a prank, I googled “get ordained online.” A few clicks later, I found out that I was an ordained minister.

Seeing how easy it was to become ordained, Davis quickly followed suit.

“I’m very religious already, and this way I can show it by marrying people. I tried to perform a ceremony for Mr. Rankin, but he quickly refused. It has made me feel a closer connection to myself, the people around me, and God,” Davis said.

As 18 year-olds, Davis and I were able to become ordained just by entering our emails, names, and the state that we live in.

So, if anybody is looking to get married, send them to D100 during the first block.


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