Three BHS students attending military academies next year

Several students are attending various military academies after they graduate this year. These students include Will Jefferson, James Baker, and Faith Bonilla. All are looking forward to the years ahead.

“I’m looking forward to preparing to fulfill my God-given duty to serve my country,” said Baker.

“I’m looking forward to the international experiences,” said Bonilla.

Each student has different reasons for joining the military, but each reason is as good as the last.

“I had a strong military background growing up. I was enticed to have a future career in the Navy,” said Bonilla.

“I just want to be the tip of the spear,” said Jefferson.

“As an American citizen I have a great privilege, and as a great American hero once said ‘with great privilege comes great responsibility,’” said Baker.

With many different people to push them, the graduates all have different inspirations who have encouraged them in their endeavours.

“My dad encouraged me, as West Point is the premier training facility for officers in the army. Why just be on the team when you can lead the team?” said Jefferson.

“My parents inspired me to join. I didn't really consider it before it was suggested,” said Bonilla.

“Zach Bunn really inspired me. I connected with Zach and began to realize my potential to do stuff. After he went to West Point then realized that he could too,” said Baker.

Although some may think that the military academies are solely for military preparation, they also prepare students for life after the military. The academies have many majors for incoming students along with extracurriculars.

“I am going to major in mechanical engineering. I would like to make the wrestling lineup. I also plan to take advantage of all of the training opportunities provided,” said Jefferson.

“I plan on majoring in biometrics engineering/mechanical engineer, along with surface warfare or naval aviation,” said Bonilla.

“I plan on majoring in business management, and I am going to pursue an undetermined minor or major in an undetermined language,” said Baker.


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