Bulldog Profile: Maddie Pessman

Regarded by students and teachers as an excellent example of PRIDE, Maddie Pessman has had a great effect on the school through her participation in vocal music and theatre. Pessman has been in choir for seven years, including middle school and high school. She is currently in the highest choir and is also a member of chamber choir.

“She’s grown to be confident when singing, and I think she shocks everyone with her talent when she sings,” said Andrea Cooper, choir director.

Pessman is also heavily involved in show choir, and is in the varsity group.

“Fine arts is a really welcoming environment where you’re free to be yourself,” said Pessman. “Nobody is judgemental, and everyone has been really encouraging.”

In addition to her vocal music experience, Pessman has also been a prominent member of the theatre department. She was a part of the crew her sophomore and junior year, and has recently appeared for her first time on stage, as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.

“I really appreciate Maddie’s willingness to try new things, with show choir and musical,” said Cooper. “She’s realizing the talent that has always been there.”

“She’s very talented and very humble,” said Mariah Chapdelaine, who was the music director of the musical. “Any time she was struggling or wanted to get better, it would always be in a positive way, and she would actively work to get help.”

Although Pessman has displayed excellence through her talents, what distinguishes her is her excellence through kindness.

“Maddie to me is one of the friends that I feel at home with. She has such a genuine heart, and she’s one of those people that you want close in your life. I’m so grateful that I can call her my best friend,” said Grace Jasper.

“One of the best words to describe Maddie, to put it simply, is kind,” said Chapdelaine.

Maddie plans to continue to share her talents and kindness by pursuing a career in vocal music education or elementary education.


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