How to overcome spring fever and senioritis

With only 28 school days left until the end of the school year for majority of the school, many students’ motivation has dwindled. Whether it’s senioritis or spring fever, you have a good chance to experience some good old-fashioned procrastination. For most people, the less motivation you have to do your school work, the worse grade you’ll receive, and that can lead to disappointing your teachers, your parents, and yourself. Luckily, there are some ways to help you end your school year as strong as you started it.

Get organized and set goals: If you have a plan on what you’re going to do, and how you’re going to do it, then it will be a lot easier to complete homework and projects.

Set rewards and take breaks: Tell yourself that as soon as you finish half of your homework, or one big project, that you can get a snack, like ice cream or a drink with caffeine. This will also give you time for a 10 minute break to spend time on your phone.

Study with friends: If you have a good group of friends in one of your classes, you can plan a study group to meet up and hold each other accountable to get work done.

Go to a new location: An easy way to avoid distractions is to leave them. If you take your chromebook, notebooks and textbooks outside, to the library or to a coffee shop, you’ll be more focused than sitting inside in front of a TV and right next to your phone.

Keep your grades up: When your grades drop, you might feel like you can’t bring them back up, and that feeling could demotivate from working and trying to improve.

Use your class time: When a teacher gives you time in class to complete an assignment, you should be taking advantage of it. They most likely gave you this time because they wanted to make themselves available for questions, and they know you won’t want to do it later at home.


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