Students 1st Awards given to students and teachers

On Friday, April 5, the 2019 Students 1st Awards were given out to students and teachers in front of an audience of teachers, parents, and administrators. Not only were students honored for their dedication to school, but teachers were also recognized by the students. The students who received the award each picked a teacher who helped them prepare for the future; these teachers also received the award.

The 14 students who received the award were Meri Alleman, Jake Bayles, Marcus Brooks Jr., Ryan Coiner, Alyssa Cooksey, John Eaton, Zach Marsh, Erik Mckune, Trae Nordstrom, Elyah Sanchez, Alycia Sanchez, Pete Sible, Elizabeth Wendell, and Anabelle York.

The 14 teachers who were recognized were Brad Bannerman, Shannon Campbell, Mariah Chapdelaine, Amy Harksen, Teresa Heden, Adam Hopkins, Adam Hopkins, Ellie Kloberdanz, Ellie Luebken, Angie Mojeiko, Kedric Prince, Paul Rasmussen, Phil Schaefer, Breelyn Seifert, and Rodger Wilming.


The students and teachers at the award ceremony.


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