New kids on the block: Josh Schmeichel

To say that sophomore Josh Schmeichel has been on the move would be an understatement. Schmeichel said, “I was born in Cedar Rapids but moved to Parkview when I was four. I went to a tiny school, Heritage, and then Morning Star in third grade. I stayed there until I was in ninth grade, and now I’m here.”

Schmeichel loves music and plays the piano, drums, electric guitar, and sings. Of the three, he likes playing the electric guitar the most and frequently plays for the worship team at Harvest. Additionally, Schmeichel participates in the Concert Choir at the high school. On his music taste, Schmeichel said, “I love John Mayer, he’s my fav artist. I love the modern alt rock genre, but I thoroughly enjoy classical music as of lately, fav composer is Debussy. I appreciate music of all genres except Nordic death metal.”

Schmeichel has one brother, Jacob, 19, with whom he is very close. He is a freshman in college, which he does online through Liberty University, and they frequently hang out together.

In his future, Schmeichel plans on attending college, specifically one outside of Iowa. He hopes to be accepted into Belmont University, a private, Christian, liberal arts university in Nashville, Tennessee. Schmeichel wants to be a contemporary guitar major and after that play studio music.


If you could be a spice what would you be and why?

“I’d be chili powder cuz I like to keep things spicy.”

What toppings would you put on a pizza?

“I like just sausage, kinda lame.”

If you were to be an office character, who would you be?

“I would be Jim, I don’t know I’m just the most similar to him I guess”

What is one piece of advice you’d like to give to the readers of this article?

“Live life to the fullest bro.”


Some of Schmeichel’s favorites include navy blue as his favorite color, The Office as his favorite TV show, and New York as his favorite city.


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