March Madness raises money for 2020 Prom

Organized by Student Council to raise money for 2020 Prom, March Madness took place on Saturday, March 2. The event ran from 3 p.m to 7 p.m. Teams could have up to four people, with a requirement of three, and were assembled in the weeks prior to the event. Those teams were then put into a bracket-style tournament to determine a winner.

The junior class of Student Council worked to make the event a competitive and lively atmosphere that any participant would enjoy.

“This was the first year that we had medals, which we gave to the winners of the tournament,” said Maddy Foht, the coordinator of the event.

During the first half of the event, over a hundred athletes battled it out in their respective pools. As some teams advanced to the playoffs, others saw their seasons end in the preliminary round.

“We were there to win a championship but sadly fell short. We had some really gritty match ups and played some great players,” said Yucky Lucky team member Trey Miller.

Although the goal for most was to win a championship, March Madness proved to be an event that everyone could enjoy.

“It was a good time, a high energy atmosphere. Even if you lost, it was a great game with great opponents,” said senior Bennett Soncarty.

After the four-hour tournament concluded, the last team standing was the Y Ballers. The championship team consisted of Blake Tyler, Zeb Wright, Tre Roland, and John Eaton.


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