Taste Test: Blended Atomic vs. flavored snow

Atomic Coffee is one of the Quad Cities’ favorite places to fuel up. From coffee to energy drinks in every flavor imaginable, Atomic does it all to please countless loyal customers and visitors from all over. One of their lesser known options, the blended energy drink, seems comparable to snow with flavoring mixed in. To test this theory, I did just that: mixed a cup of snow with Torani flavoring syrup, ordered a blended energy drink, and had several members of the publications team attempt to identify which was which.

The five test subjects, Ayanna Tremaine, Tyger Callahan, Parker Beck, Emma Doyle, and Patrick Markovich, were each given two unmarked cups. One of the cups contained Atomic and one contained flavored snow. Each of the subjects had a chance to examine each drink and made their predictions based on color, texture or consistency, and taste.

Of the five, Tremaine, Doyle, Callahan, and Beck all guessed incorrectly, believing that the snow was the Atomic and vice versa.

Some of the reasoning for their decision was that the snow was more flavorful, more brightly colored, and overall a better drinking experience. Markovich, who had a little bit of help identifying the two drinks, was the only one that guessed correctly.

He said, “Although the snow had more flavor overall, the texture really made it a different experience from the atomic. Entirely.”



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