Little Leaders Trained for the Future

An "incredible" day of leadership training, based on the film "Incredibles 2," was offered to fourth and fifth grade students from Bettendorf on Saturday, Feb. 17. Little Leaders is a leadership camp for fourth and fifth grade students who go to Bettendorf elementary schools. The kids split up for an “incredible” day of leadership training.

The leadership training was based on each character from the movie. These characters, along with a game, were used to teach different aspects of leadership. For example, Elastigirl was used to teach the kids how to be flexible leaders. The parachute game was used to illustrate this function of leadership by stretching the ability of the kids.

“First we came up with the theme. We wanted to make it relate to younger kids because they’re fourth and fifth graders. The theme was reletable for the kids, and I think they really liked it,” said Faith Bonilla, a member of the planning committee.

The activities taught teamwork, individual leadership, and confidence in their abilities.

“We made masks, we did parachute games,we did a rock paper scissors tournament, and a human knot to teach the kids about many different aspects of leadership,” Bonilla said.



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