Basketball managers an underlooked part of the team's success

Currently the boys basketball team is ranked number one in the state, with an underlooked part of their success due to their managers: Dylan Estlund, Colton Viktor, and Brady Feaster.

Dylan Estlund, who has been managing for the last two basketball seasons, first became interested after being contacted by Coach Curtis Clark.

“He really insisted that I become a manager and that really showed that he believed in me. It seemed fun and I thought I’d be good at it,” Estlund said.

Estlund’s favorite memory from his athletic career was getting recognized at senior night, specifically as “Dylan Estlund, number one in our hearts,” which meant a lot to him. Other than that, he appreciated all of the support he got from his teammates, “in every endeavor, through thick and thin.”

Estlund said that the most important part of his job is giving the team support and that “managing aside, my team is just one big family and that brings out the best in all of us. Go Dogs!”

His relationship with the other managers is unique, and Estlund said, “I’d say my relationship is very good with them, and they are two of the best that I’ve ever seen, besides myself, I will say unselfishly. They are just class act guys, a plus I would say. They’re also really good managers, real good! Gimme the loot!”

Estlund said, “The team makes me the best manager in the state. I’d say the supporting cast around me affects the way I manage and makes me the best that I can be.”

Colton Viktor, a manager since the beginning of the season, was on the Bettendorf basketball team as a player for seven years. After switching to managing this year, Viktor said, “There was a lot of talent and my friends were all on the team.”

Brady Feaster, also in his first year of managing, decided to take up the job after he tried out for the varsity team and didn’t make it.

“I thought that if I wasn’t a part of the team, I would lose the connection. Also, I love the environment,” Feaster said.

Viktor explained that during practice and at games the managers take stats, fill water bottles, keep the players hydrated, and support them.

Aside from how Viktor described their typical game and practice duties, Feaster mentioned a couple other significant tasks: making Gatorade, replacing nets, and shooting hoops in their downtime.

Viktor and Feaster share the same favorite memory from this season, Trevor Feller’s game-winning shot against North Scott.

Viktor said, “It got us to first in the state which none of us thought we could do. Considering we were unranked at the beginning of the season, it was a surprise but definitely a welcome one.”

Feaster described the buzzer-beater as “just awesome.”

Viktor and Feaster, who were already best friends, were thankful for the chance to get to know Estlund more this year. While they love the team, the relationship that they have as managers is a different kind of bond.

Feaster said, “Holy cow that (this season) was a good one. Going from a less than .500 record to losing just one game is amazing and takes a lot of grit and talent. Wow.”



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