How to celebrate President's Day

Monday, Feb. 18, is President’s Day, and though students get the day off, it is difficult to know exactly what the holiday is all about or how to celebrate.

President’s Day was originally created to celebrate the birthday of George Washington, and the life of Abraham Lincoln, the holiday landing in between the birthdays of both, Lincoln's being Feb. 12 and Washington's Feb. 22The holiday is now more known as the celebration of the lives and birthdays of all presidents.

Unlike Valentine’s Day and Halloween, there is no specific way to celebrate President’s Day. Here are some ideas to celebrate the holiday without breaking the bank.

1. Watch old presidential speeches and debates on YouTube

Now this may sound boring, but you can find some pretty interesting videos of past presidents during debates, announcements and speeches. You can find videos on YouTube dating back to 1960 of the Nixon/Kennedy presidential debate. You can even find footage from one of Franklin Roosevelt’s speeches in 1933.

2. Pick a president and do some research on their history

You can find some crazy things in the history of presidents whether it's finding out the man who abolished slavery didn’t believe African Americans had the same rights as Caucasians or that Andrew Jackson’s wife died a few days after his election.

3. Test your knowledge of the U.S. presidents trivia

This is a real chance to test your knowledge of presidents in a 25 question quiz attached below.

Take the quiz here.

4. Write a letter to a President, Senator, Congressmen, a Supreme Court member, or even a Governor

Do you have something you want to change about our laws? President’s Day is the perfect opportunity to take the time to write a letter to your president. You could even use the holiday to write a letter to any of the political leaders you would like.

5. Take a Virtual Tour of the The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden at the Smithsonian

This exhibit includes over 850 items from all the different presidents that you can look through on the interesting virtual tour.

Take the tour here.


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