Love Time: A guide to find love this Valentine's Day

With another Valentine’s Day here, many students find themselves scrambling to find someone to share it with. If this is you, you’re in luck! Here are three ways to form a connection on Feb. 14:

1: Show some praise

Compliments are a great way of letting people know that you are paying attention to what they’re doing and to let them know that they’re doing a good job. Make sure you are giving genuine compliments, reserving them for praiseworthy situations or things that you actually like. Through this, you build trust with them and your motives aren’t questioned. Compliments create a positive atmosphere with the recipient and in the future, they will associate you with that happy feeling. In turn, if complimented, make sure to receive compliments graciously to avoid invalidating the givers’ opinions and show appreciation for their observations.

2: Crack a joke

It is no secret that everyone likes a sense of humor, and for good reason! Did you know that laughter is linked to good health? It can boost your immune system, release feel-good endorphins, burn calories, and even increase your life. Further, humor is a great way to strengthen and repair relationships. When we laugh with others, a positive “bubble” is created that shields us from stress and disagreements. Finally, having a sense of humor shows others a social side and lets people know that you are fun to be around and capable of focusing on the positives. As we can see above, there’s a reason why humor is one of the most sought after qualities in friends and partners.

3: Have a little confidence

While this applies to everything you do, it is great when interacting with someone, especially if you’re looking to form a bond with them. Having confidence in your exchanges is important for two main reasons: first, no one likes a coward. Confidence shows whoever you are talking to that you are proud of and sure of yourself. After all, if you aren’t confident in selling yourself, why would anyone buy into you? Second, a part of self-confidence involves knowing your abilities and limitations. Knowing when to use your skills or ask for help is essential in forming relationships and keeping them. No one can do everything, and this way you can assist others and, if you’re the one in need of aid, you can learn a new skill too.

While we usually think of significant others as just romantic partners, sometimes the MOST significant other is a friend. Don’t be afraid to use these three tips to attract someone, form a relationship, and make it last!



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