Athlete Spotlight: Ella Schmit

If you have ever talked with a Bettendorf athletics coach, the importance of being a multi-sport athlete has likely come up. For years, Bettendorf coaches have pounded this point home through the display of copious statistics and by placing an emphasis on year-round athletic participation.

Like many athletes at Bettendorf, freshmen Ella Schmit participates in two sports. What sets her apart are the two sports themselves: cross country and wrestling. At the high school, there are only three athletes that participate in both cross country and wrestling; Schmit is the only female.

In cross country, Schmit made an immediate impact in her first year. Near the midseason mark, she was placed on the varsity team.

“She is a very positive force and has a great understanding of how hard it is to run every day,” cross country teammate Delaney Ward said.

On Oct. 11, Schmit got the nod as a varsity runner at the MAC meet, joining Hannah Beintoma as the only other freshman running for Bettendorf. She started the race strong and didn’t look back, finishing the race in 20 minutes and 59 seconds. The time was good for 13th place in the MAC and helped the Bulldogs secure a second place finish.

The culmination of Schmit's cross country efforts came on Oct. 18