Show choirs perform at the winter show

Surround Sound and Audio Intensity presented their routines at show choir’s Winter Show in the PAC on Jan. 4.

Before Audio Intensity performed its four songs, Collin Feaster, Maddie Pessman, Ahriyana Creighton, and Elise Kalin sang as opening special acts.

Audio Intensity introduced its routine with a mashup of “Disturbia” and “Radioactive” with Grace Schuetz as a soloist.

Next, the group presented another mashup of “Carousel” and “Heathens.” The ballad song is “This Is Gospel” featuring Rachel Anderson as a soloist.

A third and final mashup, “Awake and Alive” and “Charge Me Up” featured Erin Teague as a soloist and an intense dance routine.

After Audio Intensity, there was another round of special acts by Abigail Saathoff, Hannah Wilson, and Elizabeth Koehler.

The last performance of the evening, Surround Sound had an upbeat dance routine and energetic songs.

Usually having five songs in their routine, Surround Sound chose not to perform its song “Moondance” at the winter show.

With soloist Elise Kalin, Surround Sound introduce its routine with a mashup of “Like That” and “Push Up The Beat.”

Next, the group performed “A Different Party” and then “Here I Go Again” with solos by Ava Rowland and Zander Echermann. Lastly, the group performed “Under the Sun” which had an enthusiastic dance routine.

Alex Obert and Will Luebke introduced the special acts with puns and jokes while Elise Kalin introduced the acts more sentimentally.

Surround Sound members Tienna Trettin, Sydney Rosebrough, Ayanna Tremaine, Reagan Terronez, and Jess Mouw wait to watch Audio Intensity perform.


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