General obligation bond vote important for the future of Bettendorf

Whether the G.O. (General Obligation) Bond will go into effect is up to a vote that will be decided on Dec. 11.

This bond will improve, furnish, and equip existing high school and middle school buildings by means of advancing security and safety measures, enhancing STEM room and athletic facilities in the amount of no more than $30 million. This bond will also support Herbert Hoover, Neil Armstrong, and Paul Norton Elementary Schools.

Specifically, the plan has Bettendorf High School receiving a future-ready center, a new wrestling room and pool, a modernization of classrooms, an expansion of the fitness center, and general infrastructure needs.

There have been strong voices on each side of this issue. Opponents of the bond believe that these improvements will be made on their own time and do not need to be rushed and that property taxes will increase as a result.

While proponents of the bond believe these changes need to be made now and that the tax dollars are being used for a great reason; the improvement of our schools.

“When running at the middle school, it was very difficult to run inside during track. Building a track at the middle school is just one of the things that would improve the experience of Bettendorf students,” senior Brendan Scott said.

Results will be known after the polls close at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 11. You can vote at either St. John Vianney church or the Waterfront Convention Center. Be sure to check local news for the results.


Plans for changes at Bettendorf with the passing of the bond.


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