RSVP works to improve Bettendorf High School

In any community, gauging the interests of its members is important. Bettendorf High School believes no differently, as RSVP works on raising students voice and participation within the school.

Implemented in Bettendorf in 2004, the organization of RSVP has made positive change throughout schools in the United States.

As an organization, RSVP looks to involve and empower students to identify issues and concerns they see in their school and community.

“It is a good way to get students involved in making meaningful change. We want to make sure students feel like their voices are heard and that they have a say in the things that affect them,” advisor Maddie Koepnick said.

At Bettendorf, RSVP holds an advisory summit in the first quarter of every year to gauge the interests of the student body. In this summit, students vote on issues that are important to them.

After the summit, RSVP Lead Team tallies the number of votes behind each issue and designates committees to work on the implementation of solutions.

In previous years, RSVP has been responsible for adding charging stations in the commons, adding shelves in the bathrooms, and updating the cleaning schedule for the girls locker room.

For the 2018-19 school year, the lead team is working on the implementation of a therapy dog, the addition of more pep assemblies, gaining food in the vending machines, improving our bathrooms, and creating different PRIDE opportunities.

The committees first met in early November and plan on meeting throughout the year in order to accomplish their goals.

“On the bathroom committee, we are currently improving the bathrooms at the school. Some of our goals consist of including better toilet paper and fixing broken hinges,” Layton Pribyl said.

Be on the lookout for changes that RSVP will make throughout this school year.

RSVP Lead Team members Layton Pribyl and Nick Moore work on the improving bathrooms committee.


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