CrossFit student loves challenges

Forging athletes of all ages, CrossFit has been a part of Isabelle Johnson’s life since she was 13.

“Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity,” is the official definition of the sport according to the official CrossFit website, which results in a combination of cardio, weightlifting, and some gymnastic technique.

A first year, Johnson started CrossFit due to a suggestion by her mother, who is also a CrossFit athlete, and together they attend classes at CrossFit 563.

Hoping to put on weight in a healthy way, Johnson began in the teens’ class for about a year before transitioning into the adult classes as her coaches realized her skill level warranted a bit more of a challenge.

Johnson enjoys these challenges that the sport presents to her mentally and physically, spending most of her time at the gym as a result.

“Everyone is really accepting, and even though everyone is at different levels, they treat each other the same,” Johnson said.

A large factor in Johnson’s success, the community in the gym has allowed Johnson to find many mentors in her gym-mates and coaches.

“I remember during my first competition, everyone in the gym was cheering for me while I was finishing the workout. It was amazing,” Johnson said.

Having been extremely nervous before the workout, Johnson believed that having the community behind her was what truly cultivated her love for the sport.

While CrossFit undoubtedly forges fitness, for Johnson, it also forged some of her closest friendships. Johnson and her friends at the gym bring an incredible amount of energy to the gym on a daily basis.

“On a Wednesday, we all coordinated our outfits so we would be working out in pink clothes with pink tutus to reference the joke from ‘Mean Girls.’”

As Johnson gets closer to February, she continues working hard at the gym in hopes of performing well in the worldwide CrossFit Open.


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