Dynamic Duo: Adam Hopkins and Cristina Zimmerman

Adam Hopkins and Cristina Zimmerman have taught together for the last four years. To many, four years may be a short time to find a great friend, but Hopkins and Zimmerman have overcome the odds.

Their energetic and infectious positivity has helped to light up the world language hallway.

“Mr. Hopkins and Mrs. Zimmerman are both very outgoing, enthusiastic about teaching us new material, and they are both determined to see all their students succeed,” Madison Temple, a student of both, said.

Zimmerman has taught for 18 years and Hopkins has taught for six, yet their impact on students lives will last for a lifetime.

Zimmerman teaches Spanish 1-4 and Spanish Culture and Conversation. Hopkins teaches just Spanish 1-4 but is also the advisor for LGBTQ+, Spanish Club, and Scholastic Bowl.

Learn more about Mr. Hopkins and Mrs. Zimmerman below!


If you could sing one song on “The Voice” what would it be?

Zimmerman: “‘Baby got back’ because it's the only song I know all the words too.”

Hopkins: “‘Formation’ by Beyonce because she is Queen B.”

What does it feel like teaching with your marvelous friend?

Zimmerman: “Every night when I pray, I give thanks to the opportunities that I have to learn something from someone with such high caliber.”

Hopkins: “Its fun working with a coworker that you can trust and still mess around with.”

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?

Zimmerman: “A monkey because they are intelligent and have mad arm strength.”

Hopkins: “A llama because it is my favorite animal.”

If you could be any hero who would it be and why?

Zimmerman: “Rey from the new Star Wars, because she kicks butt.”

Hopkins: “Harry Potter because he is a magical genius.”

Iowa or Iowa State?

Zimmerman: “Iowa, it’s a dumb question.”

Hopkins: “Iowa, why is that even a question?”

If you were a box of cereal what would you be?

Zimmerman: “Lucky Charms because I am a little lucky and I am charmful.”

Hopkins: “Cocoa Puffs because I’m loco for the Cocoa (Puffs).”

A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?

Zimmerman: “The penguin would say ‘Vamos a chile’ because I'm feeling a bit chilly.”

Hopkins: “He is here to get that party going and says ‘Vamos a Bailar’ and proceeds to give me a high five.”


Photo renditions done by Ty Callahan


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