Bettendorf athletes are bound together by their faith

On Wednesday mornings, many athletes find themselves sitting in the PE classroom with advisor Chris Adams discussing passages from the Bible and connecting them to their everyday life. Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a club for individuals to discuss religion with their peers and to grow in their faith.

After taking a hiatus in the 2016-17 school year, the club regained interest and started up again last year with the help of Eleanor Drexler and Chris Adams.

During a typical meeting, the club starts with the reading of a Bible passage. Members volunteer to read and at the conclusion of the passage, discussion is opened up. Adams helps to facilitate the conversation by asking questions for the students to answer. The meeting is closed out with a group prayer.

“It is meaningful as Christianity is a big part of my life. It’s nice to be able to bring that to school,” Sydney Hanson said.

Many students feel as though their faith can only be discussed in a church or home setting and can not enter a school environment. This club provides a safe atmosphere for these students to be who they are. In addition to meeting with their own peers from school, they hold events with other schools programs.

“Other schools participate in FCA and there are events where all the schools come together,” Emma Dennison said.

Adams believes that FCA offers students a unique opportunity to create a relationship with athletes of different sports.

“The special thing about FCA is that it creates stronger relationships with students that are on the same team and connects students that would never know each other,” Adams said.

The club meets every Wednesday morning at 7:40 in the PE classroom. There are no requirements to join. All are welcome.

An FCA meeting with advisor Chris Adams leading the way.


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