The Pisel Games add extra incentive to displaying hard work in the classroom

Bettendorf business teacher Mark Pisel is by no means a conventional teacher. His hosting of mock-up game shows, creation of team building exercises, and fostering of a lively atmosphere have created a competitive and fun culture in which every student strives to be better.

In every class that Pisel teaches, he holds the Pisel Games, a quarter long event in which students complete curriculum based tasks to earn Pisel Bucks.

Students can earn Pisel Bucks by creating a prototype of their product or meeting with a manager from a competing business in person. On the contrary, students can lose Pisel Bucks by being tardy to class or by using their cell phone.

The implementation of the games has created an extra incentive for students to exceed expectations in the classroom.

“Kids are more willing to go above and beyond in order to earn extra cash for their team. The Pisel Games act as a break from the game of school,” Pisel said.