Academic letter awarded to hardworking students

Exemplifying their hard work, students lined up in the gym to receive academic letters on Oct. 16. The recipients, including second through fourth year students, have taken honors and Advanced Placement courses, have spent hours studying, and have sought teacher assistance to challenge and better themselves.

Sarah Canfield, a senior, said the award is “a nice way to recognize students’ hard work.” However, other students look further down the line.

Claire Stierwalt, a junior with two letters under her belt, hopes to use the award to improve her applications when it comes time to think about college.

She said, “I would hope that colleges would recognize it and realize it shows hard work and dedication to my studies.”

The criteria for receiving an Academic Letter are listed below.

  1. A student must be enrolled as a full-time student at Bettendorf High School (Minimum 3.5 credits for G.P.A. per semester for grades 9, 10, & 11; minimum 3 credits for G.P.A. per semester for grade 12).

  2. A student must earn a minimum of a 3.4 grade point for two consecutive semesters at Bettendorf High School.

  3. After receiving an Academic Letter, students who earn a 3.4 grade point or above for any semester thereafter will receive a gold bar to signify continued academic excellence.

  4. All credit awarding classes count for grade point credit.


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